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Should I Work Out if I’m Driving Truck?

GymThis is a question people tend to ask a lot. Usually there’s an unwritten rule that truck drivers are fat and hairy and there’s nothing you can do about it. The reality is quite different. We are all normal men, not some characters from movies, and we want to stay healthy as long as we can. That being said, I’ve already written about some health issues that are concerning truck drivers, so I won’t go into that a lot here. Insted, we’re going to explore about the topic of staying fit and should you work out and if you choose to do so, what should you do to be as efficient as you can as to forget about the workout for the whole day long.

Should I work out?

Short answer: yes. As much as you can.

Long answer: Since we have already talked about all the health issues, there a re a couple of more which are not so appaling as those I already mentioned, but I’ll mention them here. As the science says, there is a lot of risk of obesity, cardio-vascular problems, cholesterol and some other issues related to that. It usually comes from sitting, not moving much, bad eating habits and so on. We all know the science and I’m not here for that. I’m here to make sure you do work out and in the most effiicient way so you can forget about long hours in the gym which only gym rats like. You’re a truck driver for god’s sake, and you should, drive, not make workout your priority.

So, the thing is simple: do some power cardio and leave the rest to the nature. Of course, eat healthy and all but I’ll talk about that later. For now, just some power cardio will be enough.

What’s a power cardio workout?

Ok, so some clarification here. Cardio is a form of excersise when you’re sweating a lot and making your heart pump. That’s running, cycling etc. Power cardio is when you make your heart pump a lot and you’re probably using weight to do so, so some more energetic moves. Chances are you’ve seen Insanity program on a TV – that’s power cardio.

So this is what I usually suggest to my friends. Instead of loosing 20 minutes every second day on a run or some regular cardio and then every other day doing some weight excersise (which is how people usualy preach needs to be done) you just do your power cardio workout every second day and you’re ready to rock’n’roll! And I’ll just explain what you need to do in brief.

If you’re at home, I suggest buying a trampoline. It sounds silly, but it is really fun and you’ll get a good workout from it for sure as you’ll jump more than you think you can! It’s also good for your joints, so it’s a one stop for everything. However, I’d supplement trampoline workouts witha thing called kettlebell.

Kettlebells usually sound really teriffying, but they are really simple. You just need one or two moves, and that is the kettlebell swing and the turkish get up. That all there is.

And kettlebell, that thing you can carry with yourself if you’re on a bigger roll.

All in all, your workout will last probably around 10 minutes. What’s 10 minutes to better health? I mean it’s so minimal anybody can do it, you just need to start. So how about it? Would you like to start a kettlebell/trampoline workout? If you wish to see some more information, check out this site dedicated to workouts on trampolines, they also have a piece on kettlebells which proves their worth.

Advantages of Official Car Repair Shops

repair shopIn case you’re wondering, what do I really mean by “official car repair shop”? That’s the place that has a brand name of your car on it. That’s a place where you get your Ford done but your neighbour with a Buick doesn’t get his. It’s a specialized place, licensed, with a ready parts directly from your manufacturer. So a normal person would ask, why would anybody repair his/her car at the “unofficial” repair shop? Well, there are a couple of reasons for that as well.


So let’s say that you enter a repair shop like this. You see a Ford, a Chevy, and BMW and a Honda. You might ask yourself “does this guy really know what he’s doing with those?” and you might be right to ask yourself that. But beware: repairing a car isn’t exactly a rocket science. What goes in one car goes in another. There are brakes, wheels, an engine, transmission… You get the point. Therefore, with a little bit of tinkering, everybody who knows some basics on one car should be able to manage to find his/her way around every other car. Theoretically.
But why even bother? Ok, let’s be honest here. Unofficial car repair shops are usually cheaper. Way cheaper. Those repairmen are experienced and able, so the calculus is very simple: they aren’t able to charge as much as official car repair shops because they lack the official connection with the manufacture. This simply means that they don’t have the parts with them, but they have to buy them first. What they also cannot do is give you the official guarantee on your parts and their work issued by the manufacturer. if this is something you can live with, then, by all means, be my guest and use these kind of car repair shops.
But what if you don’t really trust these guys and want to use an official car repair shop…


Ok, so this is a car repair shop that has a logo of your manufacturer on it. It has anything from parts to accessories (like keychains and stuff) to repairmen. And these guys are highly specialized for your car. That isn’t to say that the unofficial ones are not qualified as they usually are. That means that the official guys have the official connections with your manufacturer and can issue you a guarantee that is supported by any car repair shop in the country (or in the world for that matter) that your car, once it’s properly maintained, is in perfect condition. When you have a regular maintenance, while your car is still under a guarantee, be sure to use official car repair shops as they can sign your guarantee card.

What to choose?

I don’t know. I would like to know and to be a guy who’d tell you “this is better”, but there is no right answer. The answer depends on your situation. Are you a new car owner? Is the money issue? Would you like a signature or your car to work no matter what? Basically, if you own a new car then it’s no-brainer: you simply go to official guys. They need to sign your papers and you should really be careful about that. After all, if something happens to the car you probably don’t want to pay for its repairs.
If you, however, own an older one (3-5 years old or older) then you should be quite fine with the unofficial shops, as long as it’s a good one. And how do you know if it’s a good one or not? Just ask around the neighbourhood. Find online reviews. Go to the guy your friend suggested. Word of mouth is your friend here.
Whatever you do, be smart and don’t let anybody fool you. After all, you’re gonna be driving that car once you go out of the repair shop and it’s in your best interest to make it work like swiss watch.

Life of a Truck Driver

Truck from behindAlthough I am in automotive industry my whole life, either as a driver, repairman or a factory worker, I have quite a controversial and strong opinion when it comes to driving trucks for life. As a general, there are a lot of pros and cons, so I’ll try my best to work them out as much as I can. This can be tricky, because I am biased of course, but I’ll try. So here it goes. And I’ll start with pros, as there are a lost of perks associated to driving a truck for life.

All the perks and pros

As all of us know, truck drivers don’t quite make executive salaries, but their salaries are really decent. And as much as I wanted to escape this world, there is something really great about it: if you manage to get your boss to give you long distance drives, you’ll be paid your salary plus your sleep-ins and stuff, meaning you don’t have to pay for your home (or you don’t have to pay for it most of the time) which saves a lot of money. This way, if you’re broke and need something fast, you can earn quite a sum in not that big of a time. Need a reboot? You can save around 10,000$ if you’re really commited. For a year, of course. I mean, it’s not that big of a deal – you just have to work and not eat too much. That’s all there is.
Apart from that, all the truck drivers are really friendly and you can make a whole bunch of a new friends in no time if you go down this road. This can’t be a coincidence and it will benefit you in many ways, first of all in your work and girls as there is nothing more attractive than a man who dominates the place (knows everybody there and everybody respects them). You just enter the place, say hi to everybody there and if there’s a girl without boyfriend, you got her. It’s that simple.
Also, depending on your boss, you can be in for a great treat! Boss can give you loyalty bonuses and treat you with respect because you got to know a lot of people and if you try to help him in any way, it will pay off. A lot.
Enough with the perks of being a truck driver. Lets talk about why not.

Why not to be a truck driver

I mean, your butt will kill you. That is the first of your concerns. You will sit so much that you’ll develop haemorrhoids and your backs will start hurting. I believed it won’t happen to me, as most of the people do, but it did. It happens to everybody eventually. And that is just the beginning of your health worries. After that you might get something called pilonidal sinus and you’ll have to do a surgery. Your skin will be wasted because of too much sun exposure and it can really hurt. I have a friend who developed a skin cancer and the doctor told him it was because of too much sun through the windshield. I can talk about health all day long, but you get the point. It is bad for you, at least if you want to treat it as a career choice of your life. If you want to take it up for couple of years, that’s fine, as most of these won’t even begin to develop in that time.
Oh, I nearly forgot sleep deprivation, which is one of the most common things we encounter. It is what it is and it’s a nature of our job, but be sure to sleep a lot when you’re home. This thing can kill you.
Aside from health from driving, you’ll be tempted to sleep with prostitutes, and that can cost you health from other things. Just don’t. Plain and simple. If you need it so bad, just hop into a bar and pick up a chick. You don’t have to worry about anything else, and always use protection. I sound like a granny now, but I never trusted people who talked like that and that costed me a lot. I mean, I’m way too young to develop that kind of issues, but here I am, living proof that wild life leads to wild disasters. So I’m back to basics and am working in a repair shop now.
Everything I said aside, if you have any reasons to become a truck driver as mentioned above, be my guest and do so. If you, however, don’t want to develop some bad health issues, be sure to not keep on the job for more than a couple of years. That is my take.
And come to Simi Valley sometimes, I’ll be glad to meet up and share some crazy driver’s stories.

Owning an SUV vs a Car

monster truckHave you ever wondered what good would it make if you owned an SUV instead of a regular car you’re currently using? Or maybe you’re one of those who own an SUV but want to go cheaper and you don’t really know what to expect our of a regular car? Well, I know what you’re going through as I’ve been in one and my brother has been in the other situation, so we’ll try to sum up our experience concerning everything about car and SUVs.


First of all, let’s start with what the main purpose of an SUV really is. SUV stands for sport utility vehicle and it really is that. So it isn’t a pickup, it isn’t a car, but something in between. If you need a lot of space, a lot of power and you don’t really care about gas consumption or maintenance costs for that matter, you’l be perfectly fine with owning an SUV. They have been gaining popularity in the last 10 years or so rapidly and we can all get why that is.
When it comes to design, manufacturers have more space to be creative as it is a bigger vehicle, therefore they usually look better if you’re into that kind of looks. SUVs have their chassis lifted up and as such it can come useful to you if you find yourself somewhere in the muddy terrain.
However, the mistake number one people make when it comes to these vehicles is that they mistake them for terrain vehicles. Don’t be an amateur. Terrain vehicles are made for rough terrain. SUVs are made for the city. It will take you through the city more comfortable and maybe faster, but at the end of the day they are truly a vehicles for the asphalt. That’s the end of the story.


Good old cars. We all know what they’re used for: transport of people in the first place. While SUVs are usually packed with a lot of power, cars don’t need to be. They are simple, down-to-the-earth vehicle with some space for people and some space for things, but not too much for either of those.
Ok, I can’t talk about every car like that as you have some serious luxury vehicles that pack a lot of power, have a lot of room and are really, really comfortable. But as a general rule of thumb, cars are something most of the people use just for transport.
They consume much less gasoline than SUVs and are much cheaper as far as maintenance goes. However, you might think that owning a car makes you frugal. Don’t make that mistake. Only thing it makes you is smart. If you don’t need extra features SUV offers, that is.

Which one is better?

There is no concrete answer to this question. I’d like to say this one is better or that one is better, but it ultimately comes down to you and your preferences. What is something you’d like to own? What features do you really need? What kind of vehicle would fulfil your needs? Don’t rush and answer that you need a BMW MX6 and everything will be perfect. Be real. Then you’ll be able to really choose what is the perfect match for you.
And if you’re looking for a change and you’re not sure whether one of the other would be a good fit, just try it. Rent a car for a couple of days, see how it feels. That way you won’t spend too much too soon and you’ll be sure that you made the right decision – whatever it might be.